YAMAHA THR5A Guitar Amplifier Combo

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Tiny, portable, expressive - specially designed for Electro-Acoustic and Silent Guitars - a perfect practise amp with stereo definition and advanced modelling technology, offering faithful recreations of classic tube condenser and dynamic microphones!

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    Developed by a team of guitarists in search of the ultimate tone, THR delivers the sound that you want and the feeling that you need. Effects that enhance and complement your playing combine with room-filling reverbs and delays to push your playing to new levels. And thanks to THR's unique design and focus, stadium-filling volume isn't a pre-requisite - everything about this amp is designed to fit the way you play, right down to the need to keep it quiet sometimes. With tone and feel like this, you'll appreciate the ability to keep playing all night…

    THR5A offers four acoustic mic simulations and one clean amp modeling for electric guitar.


    Electro-acoustic optimized input with mic simulations for natural, clear tone.

    The dynamic microphone setting gives the acoustic guitar a tight tonal core.

    Electric-acoustic optimized input with mic simulations for natural, clear tone.

    Perfect for use with an acousticelectric classical or nylon string guitar.

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    Classic American clean tube amp – low gain preamp, 6L6 power section and 12-inch speaker with clear, late breakup


    Most of THR's effects feature VCM effects processors. Based on the technology used in Yamaha's professional audio mixers, VCM effects give unsurpassed realism and quality.

    VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling)


    VCM effects are capable of capturing subtleties that simple digital simulations cannot even approach, going beyond simple simulation and delivering the truly musical performance that makes classic analog gear invaluable even in today's digital production environment.

    YAMAHA Hi-Fi Audio Technology


    THR was developed with Yamaha's award-winning AV division to offer true hi-fi stereo sound and a new experience in guitar amplifiers. The exclusive, specially designed speaker enclosure is optimised to handle both guitar and stereo playback sounds making T