Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital - Aust Guitar Pedal Power Supply

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Extra Juice for Thirsty Pedals!
Got power-hungry pedals like a Digitech Whammy Droptune? Or maybe a Line 6 Relay G50 wireless? VooDoo Lab Pedal Power Digital powers them all! With 400ma on all taps, and 12v selection, bring on the hi-powered pedals!

Voodoo Lab has announced the global 5 year warranty is now available on all Power supplies sold in Australia after June 1st 2016!

Pedal Power Digital is a linear (analog) power supply for high-current DSP-based pedal effects and accessories. With 4 completely isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections, Pedal Power Digital keeps your pedals dead quiet and free from high-frequency noise that occurs with digital "switching" power supplies.

Australian Spec - 240V AC input. Australian power lead included

 Pedal Power Digital will properly power up to 4 digital power-hungry effects like those from Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, TC Electronic and more. Its compact size is perfect for small pedalboards, rack shelves, and as an additional power supply for larger boards. Built to meet the needs of professional users, Pedal Power Digital will provide clean, consistent power, even under the poor AC line conditions often found on stage. 

Completely isolated output sections eliminate ground loops and unwanted interactions between effects, resulting in lower noise and noticeably improved tone.

 Four 9V isolated high-current 400mA output sections (2 with 12V option)
 Powers Strymon, Eventide, Line 6 (excludes M9/M13), Boss Twin, TC Electronic Nova, Moog and more
 Also compatible with all 9V battery operated pedals
 Linear regulation and toroidal transformer for lowest possible noise
 Temperature controlled variable speed fan
 Compact design fits small pedalboards and rack shelves
 Includes cables and detachable AC line cord
 Engineered and handmade in the USA
 5-year warranty