TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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FLASHBACK TRIPLE DELAY - Intuitive Three-Engine Delay Pedal with Flexible Routing, Subdivision Control and Built-In TonePrints*.

    • Intuitive three-engine delay pedal with flexible engine routing gives you powerful delay effects
    • 3 independent engines allow running up to 3 separate delays simultaneously, in series or in parallel, to create completely luscious effects
    • Dedicated subdivision knob lets you assign rhythmic patterns to each delay, with 11 different settings giving you tons of creative scope
    • TonePrint-enabled to let you beam cool signature tones into your pedal with the free TonePrint App
    • Design your own customized delay effects from scratch with free TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac*, and iPad*
    • Tap tempo control to keep your delay effects right on the beat
    • 12 delay types and 4 spaces for TonePrint delays are on board to give you a broad sonic palette of legendary TC quality
    • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
    • Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high frequency loss from long cable runs
    • Analog-Dry-Through maintains total integrity of analog dry signal path even when delay effects are engaged
    • Kill-Dry feature removes the dry signal path for use with parallel effects loops
    • Expression pedal and MIDI inputs for added external control
    • 3-Year Warranty Program*
    • Designed and engineered in Denmark
    • UPC: 716408547428
    • Model Code: GCPRIM27W