TC Electronic Brickwall HD Native / Brickwall HD-DT

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BRICKWALL HD NATIVE / BRICKWALL HD-DT - Mastering Brickwall Limiter Plug-In with Optional Hardware Interface.

    • Brings next-generation TC Electronic brickwall limiting as a standard plug-in to your DAW
    • Ultra-transparent master limiter algorithm for classic mastering workflows
    • Complementary loudness limiter provides easy delivery to streaming services
    • Premium ISP limiting ensures clean and predictable results by eliminating risk of audio clipping
    • Content-optimized limiter profiles ensure maximum sonic transparency
    • Fully compliant with the BRICKWALL HD-DT Icon Series desktop interface and unlimited functionality as plug-in
    • Specialized soft clipping curves provide versatile performance and analog character
    • Comprehensive metering for real-time readouts and statistics overview
    • Includes custom-built signature presets from your favorite producers
    • Offers full support for standard DAW automation and project recall
    • Standard VST*, Audio Units* and AAX*-native plug-in processing on Mac* and Windows*
    • Compatible with all major DAWs including Pro Tools*, Cubase*, Nuendo*, Logic Pro* and Ableton Live*
    • Designed and engineered in Denmark
    • UPC: 716408551364
    • Model Code: GFWISOPADSM