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The Vise Grip is a compressor with a twist: its Mid/Full/High Switch works together with the Blend control to let through the complete dry tone, or just the highs or mids along with your compressed signal.

  • Use it to express more of your playing dynamics even when the compression is at its squishiest. Use it to boost the mids for soloing. Use it to retain crystal-clear high-end on jangly chords. Or use it to play above the compression threshold to bring the natural snap back to individual notes or a riff when you really dig in. In other words, it’s a compressor that doesn’t tie you to the rules of compression.
  • The Vise Grip is a studio-grade compressor pedal that gives you unprecedented control over your compressed and uncompressed signals at the same time for both classic and bold new sounds.
  • Compressor Pedal
  • USA Designed and Made
  • Part No. 11900-006
    • Dimensions: H: 14.5 x W: 6.5 x D: 11 cm
    • Weight: 380g
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