Schaller New S-Locks - Black/Chrome

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With its unique design and functionality, Schaller has been setting the standard in strap locks for decades.

  • S  for save,  S  for silent and  S  for Schaller strap locks!

    Strap button

    New and unique solid one-piece strap button in hardened steel with self-tapping wood thread. Simply screw it on with an Allen key (size 3 mm/ 1/8").   

    • 4 mm/ 5/32“ screw with self-tapping wood thread. Fits almost all existing standard strap buttons incl. nearly all Gibson for perfect replacement without adjustments on existing holes and screws  (XL and S version also available as replacement kit)

    • Hardened steel and more than double thickness of the strap button guarantees maximum security against breakage.

    • Including high-grade felt washers for ultimate protection of guitar's finish.


    • Extended thread length for holding straps of up to 6 mm thickness.  

    • New designed slanted locking bolt in stainless steel for permanent precision, reliable performance and wear-free finish.

    • New designed pull-up ball for easy-grip lock and release.


    New Lock-Wheel with unique
    3-Step security function:

    1.Screw our lock wheel with patented self-locking thread tool-free by hand, you already protect your guitar sufficiently (the round shaping must be facing the pull-up ball!).
    2. Use a 2 mm or 5/64’’ Allen key or screwdriver to tighten it for maximum security.
    3. Use our micro cone-top screw to attach it permanently.
    You will never lose your wheel again!

    Finally put all parts together and just listen carefully…
    Give it a shake, give it a roll and prepare to be amazed: It is silent!

    Two more things ...

    1. Schaller's S-Locks are compatible with all existing Schaller Security Locks like this:    (without silent feature)
    • strap button old SecLock + lock new S-Lock
    • strap button new S-Lock + lock old SecLock only limited, we do not recommend it.

    Please always use our new S-Lock lock with Lock-Wheel on your strap, then you will always be compatible with all strap buttons and at the same time you will always use all the advantages of our new Lock-Wheel.

    2. You need only one strap and one pair of S-Locks for all your guitars!
    Enjoy all the benefits of our new S-Locks using one single strap.
    Simply use our new strap buttons replacement kits to new S-Locks for all your instruments!