Reverend BCT-PLWH-RM Billy Corgan Terz Electric Guitar - Satin Pearl White

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After years of capoing at the third fret, Billy Corgan suggested that we make an electric Terz – a 19th century instrument tuned to a minor third G-C-F-A#-D-G.

  • The result was the Reverend Billy Corgan Signature Terz: a punchy, shimmering guitar that is rich in overtones, perfect for adding color accents or driving rhythm parts that spice up a tune Reverend Guitars is the first company to create an electric version as a production model The 21 ½” short scale neck allows this guitar be tuned high while keeping the tension regular The body, the same as the standard Reverend Billy Corgan Signature Model, has been loaded with a single Railhammer Billy Corgan Pickup A unique and inspiring tool for stage or studio that will add a fresh tonal texture to any composition
    • Type:Electric Guitar
    • Neck/Fingerboard:Roasted Maple
    • Colour:Satin Pearl White
    • Height:31.5 cm
    • Width:10.5 cm
    • Length:106 cm