Laney Cub 10W 1 x 10 Tube Combo

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The CUB-SUPER10 is a boutique style ALL-TUBE amp.

  • Featuring an ergonomic, straight ahead single channel, with three band EQ plus a great sounding footswitchable BOOST function. Loaded with a specially designed and voiced HH Driver the CUB-SUPER10 delivers 6 watts of toneful SINGLE ENDED CLASS A tube tone from the 2 x 12AX7 pre amp tubes and the 1 x EL84 output tube. Real tubes running hot giving you great dynamic tube tone. Fitted with an FX loop and an external speaker socket the CUB-SUPER10 is as happy on stage as it is in the studio.

    • Class A
      From a guitarist point of view, in a class A amplifier each of the amplifiers power tubes are working at maximum output the whole time. This makes them run ‘HOT’ and generates a very natural level of smooth tube compression.
    • FX Loop
      FX loops are important as they allow you to add effects to the signal path in a specific place between the pre-amp and the output section on an amplifier. This is where FX loops are important as it allows you to put time-based FX after the distorted pre-amp section. For example, delayed distortion sounds different to distorted delay.
    • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes & 1 x EL84 output tube
    • External speaker socket
    • 3 band EQ tonestack
    • FS1-MINI optional extra
    • Item dimensions: 340mm x 375mm x 215mm (HWD)
    • Carton dimensions: 440mm x 440mm x 280mm (HWD)
    • Item weight: 9.60kg