Ibanez TSV808 Tubescreamer Vemuram Overdrive Pedal

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By blending the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer's signature mid-boost with the Vemuram Jan Ray's signature depth, these two classic pedals have been transformed into a new sonic dimension. The result is an overdrive pedal to satisfy even the most serious tone freaks.

  • Vemuram has earned world-wide acclaim from the guitar playing public and an accomplished roster of endorsing artists for producing ultra high-quality effects pedals. Vemuram’s pedals utilize top-tier components such as a quad-layered PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and unique brass housings on all of their pedals.

    The inspiration for the TSV808 was a hybrid of the Vemuram Jan Ray and Ibanez TS808, each companies’ flagship effects pedal. The process was long and the work intense, but the TSV808 successfully preserves the Tube Screamer’s signature mid-boost and combines it with the wide dynamic range and frequency response of the Jan Ray, for a freshly inspired, unbeatable new Tube Screamer that redefines superior overdriven sound.

    Saturation/Bass trim pots

    • The Saturation trim pot controls the maximum gain. (Setting the trim pot to noon equals the maximum gain of the original TS808)
    • The Bass trim pot controls the bass level.

    Select parts

    The TSV808 is comprised of some of the highest-quality, first class components available.
    Each component was carefully selected by the engineers from both companies. Including the customized parts, a quad layered PCB (Printed Circuit Board) used in the Vemuram pedals, and a brass pedal housing.

    Brass Pedal Housing

    Each TSV808 features an all brass housing. The specialized work to craft these housings is 100% handled by expertly skilled Japanese craftsmen. Brass housings also provide the added benefit of natural shielding that eliminates unwanted noise, offering quieter operation.

    • Controls (Front): Overdrive, Tone, Level
    • Controls (Top): Saturation, Bass
    • Controls (Internal PCB): Diode clipping Selector
    • 100% Brass Housing
    • 9V - 18V Power
    • True Bypass
    • Made in Japan
    • Size (mm):70mmWx125mmDx57mmH