Ibanez SR5006 OL 6 String Prestige Bass Guitar - Natural Oil

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Designed for the pro musician, the SR5006OL is a stunning 6-String Bass from the acclaimed Prestige Series. The body consists of a Mahogany core with Oil finish Wenge front and back caps. Wenge is an excellent tonewood with qualities. It delivers excellent punch and projection with a response that is immediate and balanced. The SR5006OL neck is a 5-pc Wenge/Bubinga Atlas-6 HP neck with KTS TITANIUM rod for the ultimate in stability and reliability. A Wenge fretboard, embedded with elegant Abalone & Pearl oval inlays, makes a striking, chic impression. The Mono-Rail V bridge system provides superior String isolation with maximum vibration transfer and is designed for quick, precise intonation adjustments.

  • Part of the Ibanez Prestige Series
  • Malted Brown
  • 6-string Guitar Prestige bass model
  • Mother of Pearl & Abalone oval
    • Colour Code: OL
    • Colour Filter: BROWN
    • Brand Series: PRESTIGE SERIES
    • Dimensions: H: 9.5 x W: 44.5 x D: 105 cm
    • Weight: 12000g
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