ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module

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A whole new universe of drums awaits! Artware is what makes it all possible - the player's true friend.

  • aD5 Sound Module

    Craftsmanship, the true value of a musical instrument can also be found in electronic musical instruments. Even in these modern times, where throwing things away is easy we still want to offer electronic musical instruments that are long-loved and long-used.

    The aD5 breathes life called Artware into electronic drums and makes the days you spend with it seem full and complete.

    The true nature of the musical instrument is what inspires the player to new heights.

    The aD5 faithfully re-creates the skill and intent of the player. It deeply and fully renders new instrumental inspiration with each shot from the player's hands.
    From the gentle soft tones of pianissimo to the intense emotional tones of fortissimo, it meticulously and dynamically reproduces drums sounds just as if you were actually on the spot where it all happens.

    It's something irreplaceable - you will feel it every time you play.

    To make your performance a satisfying experience, sounds are reproduced with the latest in sensing technology along with high speed response and “Pure Audio” output quality.

    Technology is constantly updated, providing improved sound source tech and additional intriguing and enchanting sounds. All designed so the aD5 completely wins you over!

    An outer design you never tire of along with refined beauty!

    Just looking at a fine musical instrument makes you want to play it, right? The aD5 was designed as an instrument to create the sound quality you want, to win your excitement, and to make you total fan! We achieved a fine looking outer appearance via a simple shape that eliminates excess decorations that interfere with play and also by fusing made-in-Japan precision together with a fine instrument feel.

    The specifications and/or appearance of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.

    Enabling the drummer's groove

    The most important criteria for great playability is that the sound be heard at the very same instant as the strike. For drummers whose timing control is measured in mere milliseconds, delayed timing can destroy the groove. Even if the individual sounds are the same, differences in groove can create completely different musical expressions. To capture such differences, the aD5 was developed from the ground up to provide high-speed trigger detection and low-latency sound generation. This, as well as some clever proprietary technology that allows a gigantic amount of uncompressed audio data to sound at the very instant of a strike, a drummer's unique personality can be clearly expressed.

    The true dynamic range of drums

    Electronic drums traditionally have had a dynamic range that can "max out" relatively easily. While this characteristic allows anyone to perform with a consistent sound, this long-standing e-drum flaw has made it difficult to obtain the natural and varied sound of acoustic drums. During development, correcting this flaw was a priority. The aD5 features a dedicated drum sound engine, newly developed to express the full dynamic range—from subtle pianissimo (ppp) to powerful fortissimo (fff). The audio source material was captured with this full dynamic range, and the sound design process exploits it, allowing the sound engine to accurately reproduce a drummer's hits. Even when you play a roll, the sound engine allows the roll to flow in a natural-sounding way—mechanical repetitions are a thing of the past.

    Perform in high