ATV 18" aD-K18 Electronic Kick Drum Trigger

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aDrums artist 18" Kick Drum - Electronic Drum Trigger

  • The ATV's drum sounds fully reproduce the natural signatures of resonance and reverberation patterns captured in hi-definition studio recordings of acoustic drum's. ATV's approach fundamentally contrasts the conventional use of data-saving DSP processes used in other modules, which add artificial reverberation and utilize synthesis techniques to sequence, loop and attenuate parts of the envelope of a dry recorded sound.

    Just listen carefully to a drum sound generated and you will experience in vivid, natural detail the real reverberation and decay patterns that only acoustic drums can produce. This is possible because ATV record the full decay time (attenuation) of a drum's sound in stereo without applying any compression.

    ATV's accurately output the natural envelope of the drum sound as it was played and recorded. Try it and you'll discover how the natural decay and spatial reverberation of ATV's drum's give you that depth of tone to support subtle playing on slower songs with longer rests and time spaces.

  • aD-K18
    Size- 18”x12”
    Material - Birch 6-ply
    Finish - Lacquer
    Color - Solid Black
    Zone(s) - Head
    Connector(s) - 1x Trigger Output (TRS Phones)
    * Trigger cable is not included.