If you think you’ve received a faulty or defective product and wish to commence a warranty claim, please call us on 1300 55 24 20 or email webstore@bigmusic.com.au and our Customer Support team will help you. Often we can help diagnose and fix problems over the phone.


If the issue giving rise to a warranty claim occurs within 30 days of purchaseand cannot be resolved after consultation with our team, then we will cover shipping costs within Australia back to us to further assess the issue and, as required, arrange to repair or replace the item for you - free of any cost to you.  


What is covered by warranty?

In general, warranty claims are limited to faults or defects caused by:
- Manufacturing process
- Material defects
- Design flaws

What is NOT covered?

  • - Damage caused by accident, abuse (improper use), neglect, normal wear, rental use, improper assembly, improper fit and poor maintenance.
  • - Items outside of their warranty period.
  • - Pre-owned items (warranties are not transferable - only the original purchaser is entitled to the warranty).


What is required when making a claim?

Proof of purchase

Proof of the registration of the product, if applicable

Evidence of the defect - photos and videos, if applicable

Patience: There are a number of parties involved in a warranty process: Yourself, Couriers, Big Music, Supplier and a Manufacturer.

What’s the turnaround time for warranty claims?


We will do our best to expedite your warranty claim, but please note that with several parties often involved there may be delays that are beyond our control.

For this reason it is difficult for us to provide accurate estimates of warranty turnaround times, in practice nearly every case is different.


After an initial assessment by our staff, additional assessment may need to be carried out by the supplier or manufacturer, depending on their policy.

Turnaround times may be increased again if your item has to be sent back back to the manufacturer.


We will keep you posted throughout this process.  


How long is my warranty?

A product’s warranty period varies by brand and manufacturer. In Australia, the minimum warranty period on most consumer products is 12 months. Many of the quality brands and products sold by Big Music offer significantly longer warranty periods, and we suggest consulting the specific manufacturer's website for more information.  
Below is a list of popular brands sold by Big Music, and links to their warranty information:
ASHTON: http://www.ashtonmusic.com.au/support/register-warranty 
BEALE: http://www.bealemusic.com/warranty
BEHRINGER: https://www.behringer.com/service.html 
CASIO: https://casiomusic.com.au/warranty/ 
EPIPHONE: https://www.epiphone.com/en-US/Support/Warranty/Epiphone 
FENDER: https://www.fender.com/en-AU/fender-au/fender-music-australia-warranties
GIBSON: https://www.gibson.com/en-US/Support/Warranty/Gibson 
IBANEZ: http://shop.ibanez.com/bottommenu/warranty-terms-conditions 
ORANGE: https://orangeamps.com/terms-and-conditions/#termsglobal
ROLAND: https://www.roland.com/au/support/warranty_consumer_guarantee/warranty/
TAMA: http://shop.tama.com/bottommenu/warranty-terms-and-conditions
TC ELECTRONICS & TC HELICON: https://www.tcelectronic.com/service.html 
XVIVE: https://xvive.com/audio/warranty/ 
YAMAHA: https://au.yamaha.com/en/support/warranty/index.html