Big Music is Sydney's leading music school, with inspiring music teachers providing expert music lessons for kids and adults.

Our highly experienced Guitar Techs repair, restore and customise guitars and other stringed instruments in our onsite workshop at Big Music in Crows Nest.

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Playing a musical instrument enriches your life, at any age.

With a Big Music coach guiding and encouraging you, you'll progress faster and soon reach that magical point where you've "got it for life".

Private Lessons on guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano and singing are available with our expert coaches from Monday - Saturday in our Crows Nest Studios or in your own home online via Zoom.

With over 30 experienced teachers on our team, we guarantee we'll find you a coach that will inspire you and take your playing to the next level.

And when you're ready, we can help you find your way into a Rock Band or Rock Show so you can share your talent with others. And have a heap of fun!

Watch these stories to hear from a few of our students...

Katie's Story

"Music is my happy place..."

Katie began her musical journey as a Big Music student, picking up bass guitar when she was 15 years old. Katie progressed quickly and was soon invited to join the Big Music Bandits, leading to opportunities to perform on stages all over Australia with mentoring from top artists.

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Simon's Story

"Best thing I've ever done..."

Growing up in the UK, Simon was inspired to learn drums and played in a few bands as a teenager. But then career and raising a family took over and for the next 30 years Simon never even touched a drum kit. That all changed a couple of years ago, when he joined Big Music's Rock Band program and rediscovered his passion for drums and started playing in a band again.

Check out Simon's story...

Zane's Story

"Nothing else matters..."

Zane joined the Big Music family as an 8 year old and, inspired by our coaches, developed both a passion and talent for guitar. Selected for Big Music's Bandits program, Zane has grown in confidence and ability both on and off stage. And their shared passion for music has bonded his whole family.

Check out Zane's story...

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