Big Music is Sydney's leading music school, with inspiring music teachers providing expert music lessons for kids and adults.

Our highly experienced Guitar Techs repair, restore and customise guitars and other stringed instruments in our onsite workshop at Big Music in Crows Nest.

Guitar Setups, Repairs & Luthier Services

Restring & Clean

All restrings include a fret buff, neck oil and general guitar assessment. Cost of your preferred new set of strings is extra.  

All guitars, bass and ukuleles


12 Strings, Floyd Rose and mandolins


Pricing excludes cost of strings

Guitar Setups

Classical / Nylon String Guitars


Acoustic Steel String Guitars

Includes truss rod and saddle adjustments, cut nut, fret buff and neck oil


Electric/Bass Guitars

Includes truss rod and saddle adjustments, cut nut, adjusted harmonics, tremolo, restring, fret buff and neck oil


Complex Setups

12 Strings, Floyd Rose, vintage instruments, etc.



We service and repair all guitar electronics from fitting new pickups to treble bleeds and shielding, operating on a case-by-case quoted basis.

Some common electronic services and their estimated prices include:

Input Jack Change

Solid Body / Hollow Body

$70 / $90

Fit Pickup* (Electric Guitar)

Single / Double / Triple

$140 / $170 / $200

Install Pickup* (Acoustic Guitar)

$150 - $350

Other electronic work

Note: All pricing excludes the cost of parts.

$105 per hour

Customisation and Complex Services

We offer a range of guitar customisation and complex repair services, working on a case-by-case quoted basis.

Some complex jobs and their estimated prices include:

Full Refret

$500-$600 (quote on assessment)

Fret Shave

$300-$400 (quote on assessment)

Custom Bone Saddle/ Nut

$90 / $140

Structural Repairs

We are able to repair almost any injury your guitar might suffer, and provide quotes in advance on a case-by-case basis.

Some common types of structural damage we can successfully repair include:

- Cracked Body

- Broken Neck

- Broken Bridge

- Loose Brace

Valuations & Appraisals

We have particular expertise working with rare, unique and vintage instruments and can provide valuations and appraisals for insurance or intended sales.

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