Big Music is Sydney's leading music school, with inspiring music teachers providing expert music lessons for kids and adults.

Our highly experienced Guitar Techs repair, restore and customise guitars and other stringed instruments in our onsite workshop at Big Music in Crows Nest.

2About Us

Welcome to Big Music!

At Big Music, our mission is simple: to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives, through music.

Because we don’t just sell instruments; we want to inspire a lifelong love affair with making music.

Since 2009 we’ve grown into a unique destination for music lovers across Australia. As well as being one of Australia’s largest musical instrument showrooms, with a huge range of instruments available for you to feel, touch, and play, we’re also online, with thousands of musical products available for you to browse through, from all of the world’s top brands.

But we’re much more than just a music shop. Big Music is a space where you can buy an instrument, learn to play it, meet friends, join a band, perform live, and record an album, all under the one roof. It’s a place where people make their musical dreams come true, every day. It’s a community, and one we invite you to come and be a part of.

Our whole team are all life-long music makers, highly experienced and profoundly passionate, who are here to help you choose the gear that’s right for you and offer guidance on your musical journey. They’ll answer your questions, help you find that tone you’ve been searching for, or just spend time chatting about the latest gear.

We’re here to inspire you to love music as much as we do. We want you to join our community, and learn, play, perform, and rock with us.

Call us on 1300 55 24 20 or get in touch with an email here.

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