Hohner Harmonica - Marine Band (Key E)

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Hohner produce over 1,000,000 mouth-organs a year. We think they've 'got it right'..! This model, #1896/20, was first introduced in 1896 and contains 20 reeds. Original 'wooden comb' design for fuller 'bluesy, rocky' sound. Made famous in the iconic music of Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Neil Young German-made. The affordable instrument that fits in your pocket.

  • Internationally recognized by players for its simple beauty and resonant tone, this is the most famous harmonica in the world. The pearwood body, solid brass plates and patented cover design produce a musical quality that, when first heard in 1896, brought the Marine Band immediate popularity. This is the model that helped to create the sound of the Blues, Country, Folk and Rock