Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1961 Stratocaster Journeyman Relic - Faded Lake Placid Blue

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The perfect weight, 3.3kg, resonant and light - perfect for performance or sitting back in your home studio, or just jamming with friends over the weekend!

  • This Journeyman 1961 Stratocaster relic is beautifully balanced, a stunning and comfortable example of a Stratocaster. Finished in a super faded and aged Lake Placid Blue and matched with vintage clay inlays, the guitar resembles a classic and well-loved guitar. The classic three single-coil pickup configuration provides the compressed and balanced neck tone we all love, whereas the bridge provides brightness and presence to cut through any mix. The middle pickup provides a pleasant blend of both, making for an overall balanced and comfortable instrument.
    • BODYWOODAlder
    • BODY STYLE60s Strat
    • PICKUPSHandwired 60/63 Strat pickups
    • BACK NECK Heavy Relic
    • FINGERBOARD Rosewood
    • NECK BOLTS 4
    • INLAYS/SIDE INLAYS Vintage Clay
    • BODY FINISH Lacquer
    • COLOUR Faded/Aged Lake Placid Blue
    • BRIDGE Thin Skin Vintage
    • NECK PLATE Engraved
    • STRINGS 010-013-017-026-036-046
    • FRETS 21
    • WEIGHT 3.3kg