Casio CDP-S350 Digital Piano

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Casio has applied its highly compact construction technologies to achieve a size that is even smaller than previous CDP series. This compact piano can be played anywhere, in your own style.

  • Includes not only an authentic piano sound, but a variety of other expressive tones

    700 different sounds are built in, from keyboard instruments such as the grand piano, organ, and harpsichord to stringed, wind, and percussion instruments.

    Scaled hammer action keyboard II

    For the new CDP-S series, Casio has significantly reduced the size of the action mechanism that simulates the weight of the hammers in a grand piano. This allows for a keyboard with a responsive touch in an amazingly slim body.

    Accompaniment rhythms

    Choose from accompaniment in various genres, including pop, rock, jazz, and dance music. Enjoy a jam session or ensemble playing on top of rhythm accompaniments.

    Supports battery operation

    In addition to household electrical power, the CDP-S supports battery operation, allowing players to freely enjoy performing anywhere.

    Duet Mode

    The keys to the left and right of center on the keyboard can be set to the same tonal range. This Duet Mode is convenient when two players, such as a parent and child or a teacher and student, practice together.

    MIDI Recorder

    Record your own performances to the CDP-S' internal memory. Playing back these recordings can be helpful in lessons or other situations.

    Support for three-pedal unit

    The optional three-pedal unit supports the halfdamper pedal. Bring an even greater level of expression to your performances.

    LCD with Backlight

    Pitch Bend Wheel


    Chordana Play for Piano app provides users a smart and easy-to-use operation

    • Chordana Play for Piano
    • Piano Remote Controller
    • Use your favorite device to adjust your CDP-S series settings, select Tones, and more.

    PDF Score Viewer

    Display music scores saved as PDF files, with pedal-activated page turning.

    Audio Player

    Play back audio on your device with musical tools such as key shift and tempo change, looping, and melody cancel.

    MIDI Player

    Play back your favorite MIDI songs.

    • Weight: 10900g
    • Dimensions: 1322 x 232 x99 (mm)
    • UPC: 4971850362463