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Purchasing Your First Guitar – Individual or Pack?

By Matt Falzon 11 months ago 8192 Views 2 comments

Purchasing Your First Guitar – Individual or Pack?

Buying a guitar for the first time can be a daunting task, we understand the need for helpful information in making that initial choice. Whether you are a purchasing for a child, a teenager or adult it is always best to find the most suitable product, beginning the musical journey with a bang and to continue inspiring the player for years to come.

We categorise beginner guitars into two categories, Guitar Packs and Individual Guitars, explained below.

Guitar Packs are perfect for children, teenagers and some beginner adults. Packs contain everything needed to get started – often containing a strap, picks, extra strings, often an amplifier (for electric Guitar Packs) or even educational material! Many packs offer different sizes – ¾ & half-sized guitars - specifically designed for smaller hands and children.

Our Fender Squier, Gibson Epiphone and Yamaha guitar ranges offer a budget entry point, providing new guitarists with legendary guitar shapes and tools they may not even know exist. Guitar packs also come in Acoustic, Classical and Electric variants!

These are the perfect gift, year round!

Check out our range of Acoustic, Classical, Electric Bass & Electric Guitar packs or speak with our staff to find the right pack!

Individual Guitars are the favoured choice for adults and older, picky teenagers! Get the PERFECT guitar; by looks, feel and sound. Define yourself with zero

compromises! Whether you want to be the next John Mayer, Slash (Gun’s N Roses / Velvet Revolver), Ed Sheeran, Annie Clarke (St. Vincent) or Jake Bowen (Periphery) – you won't be stuck for choice.

Individual guitars generally have higher quality hardware and woods, but do not come with accessories such as a strap, picks or amplifier. Pick up your favourite guitar or bass shape, be it a Stratocaster, Les Paul, Telecaster, SG, hollow-body ES-style, Precision, Jazz and countless more.

Individual guitars also offer a level of choice well above that of Guitar Packs, with every aspect of the instrument comes a myriad of choices to suit all sorts of guitar personalities. Some variables will be included in future articles, however beginners should look out for the following:

  • A neck that is easy to hold and grip – too big and you won't be able to wrap your hand or find a comfortable position!
  • A colour that you gravitate towards – from Candy Apple Red and Sea Foam Green to elegant Sunburst variations, stay inspired!
  • A comfortable body shape – do you feel natural on a large bodied acoustic, a small bodied electric, or vice versa?
  • A nice string ‘action‘ – ie. the distance between the string and neck, the further the strings are the harder they are to push!

Check out our range of Acoustic, Classical, Basses & Electric Guitars or speak with our staff to explore the range!

Find the guitar that will continue to inspire for years to come...

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