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5 Point Playability Check

Quality Assurance You Can Count On

Guitars are our speciality and we guarantee that if you buy your guitar from Big Music it will arrive in mint condition and ready to play to factory specifications. All guitars are inspected by our expert technicians and put through our 5 Point Playability Check prior to sale or shipment.

The 5 Point Playability Check includes:

  • Neck straightness - we inspect the guitar neck for straightness and ensure it’s correctly positioned, and will perform a truss rod adjustment if necessary to correct any movement that may have occurred since leaving the factory to achieve an ideal setup for most players.

  • Strings - we check that the factory strings are in good (as new) condition free of any signs of rust or wear and if not will replace with new strings prior to shipment. 

  • Intonation & Action- we check the guitar intonation and action is correct, up and down the fretboard to ensure every note on the guitar plays as it should.

  • Electronics - on electric guitars and acoustic-electric guitars, we check the pick ups and ensure all onboard electrics are operating normally and free of any uncharacteristic buzz or crackle. 

  • Finish - we carefully inspect the guitar finish to ensure it is free of any marks, scratches or blemishes.

Overall our 5 Point Playability Check ensures that the guitar you order will be pristine and ready to play as intended, based on factory specifications. We tune all guitars before shipping as we know most customers like to enjoy playing the guitar straight out of the box. But we are aware this can put some tension on the guitar in transit so please let us know what you prefer.

All new guitars will continue to settle and from time-to-time need some additional servicing to remain at their best.

Free Custom Set Up On Guitars Over $999

All guitars we sell (no matter their value) receive our 5 Point Playability Check, however, if you're buying a guitar priced over $999 you are entitled to a free Custom Set Up by our experienced guitar technicians. This optional service may delay your delivery by a few days but unless you are in a massive hurry it’s well worth it.

We will call you to discuss your individual playing style, requirements and preferences.

A custom set up is generally only relevant to more experienced guitar players who know their playing style and requirements but can still be relevant if you know what style of music you would like to play.

A Custom Set Up includes everything you get in the 5 Point Playability Check plus a range of other guitar tech services depending on your instrument and your needs, including:

  • saddle height adjustment
  • nut cut and lubricated
  • full restring
  • frets polished
  • fretboard cleaned and oiled
  • adjust pickup heights for balanced volume

Any questions you have on this service please give us a call on 1300 55 24 20