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Buyers Guide 2017 - For Players at Every Stage of Evolution

Welcome to the Big Music Buyer’s Guide - for players at every stage of evolution. This helpful guide will aim you in the right direction to find the perfect product for your creativity. Our buyer’s guide includes acoustic, electric and bass guitars, pianos and keyboards, electronic drum kits, home recording equipment and DJ equipment.

Whether you are Starting Out, a Progressing Player or Performing Artist we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Acoustic Guitar Players

Starting Out

Young kids usually prefer nylon string guitars which are softer on little fingers. Teens & adults usually prefer the tone and playability of steel string guitars that are good for strumming.

Yamaha CS40
Best selling 3/4 size guitar.
Fender MC-1
Well built guitar with a narrower neck, easier for small hands.
Admira Alba
Authentic Spanish half-size classical guitar.
Fender CD-140S
Our go-to quality entry level guitar, with a solid wood top. Also available with cut-away and pick-up for amplifying your sound.

Fender CF-140S
Quality solid top producing great tone from a smaller folk-sized body that fits comfortably under any arm. Also available with cut-away & pick-up for amplifying your sound.

Progressing Player

Time to progress towards a quality solid-top or all-solid wood guitar to enhance your tones at live gigs. If you plan to amplify your sound you'll need a good acoustic amp to give you clear, crisp sound for your first gigs.

Seagull S6 Original
High quality solid wood face & hand made in Canada by Godin Guitars, the largest guitar maker in North America.
Maton S60
One of the best value guitars available...all soild wood, made in Australia, complete with hard case. Other models available with different tone woods, cut-aways & pick-ups.
Yamaha LL16
With a "pre-vibrated wood face" & solid back & sides, this is a great choice for someone looking for their next step up, complete with passive pick-up & soft case.
Roland Street Cube
Battery & mains powered, so you can go busking & play anywhere. It comes in a couple of versions, so you can match your power & feature requirements.

Fishman Loudbox Mini
Plenty of features and great tone. With dual inputs for guitar and microphone. Perfect for small gigs.

Performing Artist

Accomplished players seek out special instruments with the looks, tone and playability that suit their individual style and creative endeavors. Options are endless but these are a few of our favourites. If live gigs are your thing it might be time to upgrade to a bigger amp or a portable PA with more inputs and onboard effects.

Martin D28
For many the ultimate acoustic with rich bottom-end tones & clear highs.
Cole Clark FL2
Equipped with one of the best acoustic pick-ups and a variety of tone woods to customize your sound & look. A very Australian guitar.
Maton Messiah
Available in both dreadnought & Maton's smaller 808 body sizes. A beautiful guitar from Australia's most asked for brand.
Martin 15-Series
For those who are looking for a darker, more mellow tone, it's hard to find a better guitar than the all mahogany Martin 15-Series.

Yamaha DBR12 Powered Speaker
With integral mic pre-amp & 2nd separate instrument channel, you're all set for a solo gig. Add a small mixing console & even a 2nd DBR12 Powered Speakers & the band can join you.
Yamaha Stagepas400
An all in one 400 watt PA with two speakers & a detachable 8-channel (4 mic pre-amp) mixer.
Boss RC300
Now you're ready to start practicing as a performer, singing & playing together. As a solo performer, you'll be able to sound like a band & fill out the sound of your performances.

Electric Guitar Players

Starting Out

Electric guitars are often overlooked by beginners but are in fact great to learn on, with a narrower neck and easier to press down strings than most acoustic. Plug headphones into your amp and practice as loud as you like while your parents / neighbours enjoy silence! Plus they look really cool.

Squier Mini Strat Smaller version of the classic Strat for little hands.
Les Paul Express Smaller version of the classic Les Paul.
Jackson Minion These guitars features sleek curves and a rockin' tone.
Squier affinity tele + Frontman 15G Amp Everything you need to get started.

Squier Strat HSS + Champion 20 Amp Everything you need to get started - and a bit more so you look good and sound great for years to come!
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Epiphone version of the classic Les Paul, a rock tone machine!
Ditto Looper See how quickly your playing progresses when you start practicing with a looper.

Progressing Player

Time to upgrade to your next guitar and explore a new range of tones. If you already have a Strat, try a Les Paul or vice versa. Or maybe a Gretsch Hollowbody or a PRS. There's a world of different guitar types and tones out there!

If you're starting to perform you'll need a valve amp to sound great at gigs. No need to go overboard with a massive Marshall stack, just something with a bit of grunt. Lower wattage amps are great for getting the best sound out of the valves.

Line 6 G10 Free yourself from cables and rock freely around the house and stage!
Fender Standard Strat Everyone needs a Fender Strat in their arsenal, this is where it all starts, lots of colour and pickup options.
PRS - SE Custom 24 Original PRS design and innovation, reimagined as an SE (Student Edition) series. Lots of tones and superb playability.
Gibson Les Paul Studio Another all time classic, if you need a rich, warm guitar tone and want to look the business, this is the guitar for you.

Marshall DSL15
Smaller version of the popular DSL range - 2 classic Marshall tones in a to go package. Low wattage to get those power tubes (think tone) cooking!
Classic Vox tone - dirty or clean this is a classic amp used on some of the very best guitar songs of all time.
Fender Bassbreaker 15 Combo
Very versatile all valve amplifier, in a compact packages that pushes out a lot of punch. Think of it as 3 amps in one!

Performing Artist

Your guitar collection won't be complete without an authentic US made guitar from the world's best manufacturers. The choice will be very personal, but here's a few classics.

There's an endless range of pedals and effects to explore a world of tones, or just buy the one that has them all, the Line 6 Helix.

Fender American Elite Stratocaster For the modern player who demands the best of everything out of their instrument.
Gibson Les Paul Traditional The guitar that started the rock n'roll revolution 60 years ago, and still one of the best.
PRS - S2 Custom 22 High quality tone, attention to detail and stunning good looks - gotta love this guitar!
Marshall DSL40 Handy 20/40 watt combo with 4 modes of tone pretty much the entire spectrum of classic and hard rock.

Vox AC30 One of the all time classic amplifiers, where would The Beatles be without Vox amps?
Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Classic Fender tone, with vibrato and reverb effects - two individual channels (based on 2 classic Fender amps).
Line 6 Helix Everything you would ever need and then some. Easy to use with killer sounds - simplify your tone and rig.

Bass Guitar Players

Starting Out

Leo Fender invented the electric bass so you can't go past a Fender-designed Squier Bass pack for your first bass guitar rig. For kids, try a short-scale bass for greater comfort and easier reach along the length of the neck.

Progressing Player

Time to move up to an authentic Fender bass guitar.

Fender Precision Bass Great for supporting other instruments and creating a foundation, locks in well with drummers. Direct and to the point.
Fender Jazz Bass Not only supportive but take the lead, with a thinner neck and more pickup options.

Performing Artist

When you're playing turns to creating and exploring the full potential of your bass, you'll need an instrument that brings out your best.

Piano and Keyboard Players

Starting Out

Keyboards are lightweight, easy to carry and have loads of different voices and style to explore. Pianos are simpler and offer a more authentic feel and piano. The choice is yours!

Yamaha NP12 Portable Keyboard Slim lightweight design, 61 key touch response keyboard and built in speakers.
Yamaha P45 Digital Piano The perfect balance of quality and affordability.

Progressing Player

Stepping up in quality gives you improved feel, more voices and features to explore and higher quality in-built speakers.

Yamaha PSRE353 Portable Keyboard Serious step up - 573 voices, 158 accompaniment styles and a melody suppressor.
Yamaha P115 Digital Piano For more detail, more expression and more possibilities.

Performing Artist

Top end keyboards and pianos offer even more refinement, more features and more possibilities for exploring your creativity.


Starting Out

Electronic drum kits are perfect for practice and can be played loud through speakers or silently through headphones.

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit The DTX400K is an easy to use electronic drum kit. Includes built-in training functions, 10 professional drum sounds and kick and hi-hat controller pedals making for an ideal practice partner.

Progressing Player

As you practice and start to perform on your kit you'll need a more authentic feel and sound.

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit Capture the details of your performance with a 3 zone snare pad, real acoustic bass drum pedal and deluxe hi-hat controller.

Performing Artist

At the top end of the range you'll be blown away by the extensive sounds and ultra-realistic feel of the latest digital drum kits.

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit Next level DTX kit with a massive library of top quality sounds, 3 zone choke-able cymbal pads and the ultra realistic feel of an 8" 3 zone textured silicon snare. Bass drum pedal sold separately.
Yamaha PCY90AT Cymbal Everything you need to add an additional cymbal to your DTX450K or DTX522K.

Home Recording Enthusiasts

Starting Out

Home recording and electronic music production is exploding in popularity with so many smart, easy to use and affordable tools available.

Steinberg UR22 Recording Pack The UR22 Recording Pack from Steinberg is a one stop home recording solution.

Progressing Player

Take your home studio to the next level with this bundle of pro audio tools.

Rode NT2A Microphone Highly acclaimed mic for vocal and acoustic instrument recordings.
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 is the perfect interface to help you achieve pro-recording results at home.
Yamaha HS7 Monitor The Yamaha HS7 near field monitors are a great sounding solution for the budget conscious.

Performing Artist

Incorporate electronic music into your live performances on any instrument, or kick start your DJ career with these live production tools.

Ableton Live Push 2 Play melodies and chords, make beats, trigger loops and clips with Ableton Live.
Akai Advanced 49 Keyboard Unprecedented control of your Virtual Instruments.
Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones Praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year.