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    Staff Profiles

    • Saul
      Saul Muscardin
      Customer Service / Sound Engineer
      Saul is a qualified Sound Engineer and multi-instrumentalist with an incredible depth of knowledge across all musical products.  Need help with a musical project? Ask Saul.  
    • Saul
      Damien Lee
      Customer Service / Guitar Expert
      Damien might be an Economics Honours student, but his real love is guitars and live music in general.  Damo would love to help you choose a guitar you will love!
    • Greg
      Greg Taylor
      Customer Service / Store 2IC
      Greg has qualifications in Electronics Engineering which means he actually understands how all the gadgets and gizmos we sell work!   Greg started his career in a Luthier’s Workshop and was also very active as a sound engineer. 
    • Ed
      Ed Pearson
      Customer Service / Drum Expert
      Ed was taught to drum by the likes of by Jim Piesse, Chad Wackerman, Chad Smith, Rob Hurst and Clinton Harn.  He knows a lot about drums, and more than a little about pretty much anything else musical.   
    • Angus
      Angus Marshall
      Customer Service / Store Manager
      Angus has been playing and selling guitars his whole adult life.  Want to achieve a specific guitar tone?  Just ask Angus.  And if you doubt his playing ability, check out his product reviews.  
    • Tim
      Tim Green
      Customer Service / Online Support
      Tim is a self-confessed gear nut and collector of rare and vintage pedals who loves to make and tweak his own guitar pedals in his spare time.